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For over 180 years Heckel has combined tradition and modernity in their construction of the highest quality woodwind instruments.

180 years of family tradition

To this day, Wilhelm Heckel GmbH is a family owned company. The wealth of experience of Almenräder and the Heckel family – combined with the latest acoustic and technical knowledge – still forms the basis of our musical instrument production. Learn more

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We are always looking for motivated and dedicated woodwind instrument makers (M/F) for the production of our high quality woodwind instruments at our production site in Wiesbaden-Biebrich.
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Our instruments

Heckel Bassoon

The Heckel bassoon is characterised by its tonal fineness, timbre and register fidelity, which is due to careful selection of the best woods which are dried naturally for more than 12 years.

Heckel contrabassoon

The Heckel contrabassoon is distinguished by a noble, sonorous tone that sounds one octave lower than the bassoon. Thanks to its three-joint design, it can be played with the same fingering as the bassoon.


The idea of the heckelphone, introduced in 1904, goes back to Richard Wagner, who in 1879, during a visit to Wilhelm Heckel, longed for an instrument that sounded an octave lower than the oboe, and at the same time possessed the soft and powerful sound of the Alpenhorn.


The continuous development work of S-bocals has led to a wide range of different alloys, diameters, diapasons, lengths and galvanisations. Therefore there's a right S-bocal for every need and occasion.


Our instrument service is always available for you. Whether for instrument assessment, maintenance or repairs: With us, your Heckel instrument is always in the best of hands.

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We are always available for any queries, requests and orders. Please feel free to contact us by mail or by phone.

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