Instrument evaluation

Instrument evaluation

Do you own an old Heckel instrument and want to know more about it? Using the serial number we can provide you with information about the age of your instrument. We also examine the general condition of your Heckel instrument. We also check both the condition of the surface finish, the inner bore and mechanisms. This means we can also provide you with an estimate for the necessary repairs immediately.

Maintenance and care

The longevity of your Heckel instrument and the playability of more than a century is a matter close to our hearts. This labour of love requires regular maintenance and care of your instrument. You can individually select from a variety of maintenance work for your Heckel instrument from us. For a general overhaul, we offer the following services:

  • Disassembly of the instrument
  • Control of the bore
  • Cleaning the instrument
  • Checking the mechanisms
  • Adjustment of the keywork
  • Control and, if necessary, sealing of the U-tube
  • Padding and corking of keys
  • Control of the spring
  • Cleaning the S-bocal
  • Final test

There is also the option for us to polish and galvanise the instrument parts. Here, the instrument is completely repainted or galvanised.

Repair Service

Heckel instruments are built to last. Should your instrument be damaged by accident, we offer you a first-class repair service in our production facility in Wiesbaden-Biebrich.

When using our repair service, you can be sure that your Heckel instrument will be repaired by passionate and experienced people using only parts from Heckel. Thus, you can ensure your instrument will still be playable in more than 100 years and will always remain an original Heckel. Our repair work not only includes the elimination of instrument damage, but also the replacement of individual instrument parts and adjustments to the mechanisms.